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This year we celebrate Earth Day on Monday 22nd April.

This hugely important day is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness to the younger generation, and the great thing is it doesn't have to be hard or complicated. A simple walk out in nature, taking time to listen and look will give children the opportunity to engage and become curious. The more children immerse themselves in nature, the more they will want to help and protect it.


One thing we like to do is lie face down in a field, eyes as close to the grass as possible. It's amazing how many creatures you'll discover if you're just a little patient. Children will glimpse a whole other world right under their feet! This is a great way of introducing them to the smaller creatures in life. Young children can sometimes be scared or nervous of bugs, bees and creepy crawlies; having the opportunity to watch them up close in their natural habitat can convert fear into curiosity, fascination and even love!

Extend your observation to the sky by simply rolling over! How many different types of bird you can spot? When you close your eyes how many can you hear?


Another way to demonstrate and appreciate what Mother Earth does for us is to cook using foraged plants like wild garlic (great in homemade scones!), stinging nettles (our favourite is stinging nettle pesto!) and of course blackberries (always remember to freeze surplus so you can enjoy throughout the year). Check out The Grizzly Forager and their amazing array of inspiring foraged recipes for children.


It is so easy nowadays to replace what is broken, but is it really broken? Can it be fixed? Demonstrating to children that things can be repaired not only extends the longevity of your belongings, but also empowers them to do things for themselves, building skills, knowledge and confidence. And if you are unsure yourself on how something can be fixed, find a local repair cafe where you'll find experts and specialist who can assist you.

Whatever you decide to do for Earth Day this year, we would love to hear all about it! Send us your photo of helping the Earth and we will feature it on our NNKids in Action Wall of Awesomeness. Email any pictures to 

For more information on Earth Day or to find out what events are happening near you, head to the official Earth Day website here.


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