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The Beach Clean Kit

The Beach Clean Kit


The Beach Clean Kit is the ultimate kit for kids to help clean up our beaches and seas. Packed full of sustainable tools to empower and equip children to carry out beach and ocean cleans.


Did you know there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans?

Now is the time to educate and equip the younger generation so they can make a difference to their future and the planet.


Great for all year round, whatever the weather, wherever the adventure. Not just for beach clean ups, this kit can be used for litter picking local play areas, woodlands, on walks to school and anywhere else you see litter.


Check out the kit contents below to see what’s included and why, in the awesome Beach Clean Kit...

  • THE BAG: Robust and flexible with plenty of space and a large hidden stash pocket; perfect for collecting natural items like shells and stones. The chunky draw cords make it easy to adjust the strap size. Made from 100% recycled Polyester, the equivalent to approx. 4 post-consumer plastic bottles.
  • LITTER PICKER: A lightweight, foldable, easy to use litter picker. Rugged, robust & repairable with a magnet at the end for small bits of metal and bottle caps. Made from 100% recycled plastic from trawl fishing nets and 100% recycled aluminium.
  • BIODEGRADABLE RUBBISH BAGS: that completely biodegrade when put in prolonged contact with soil, making them perfect for composting or disposal in landfill. Specially selected to include air-hole perforations for children's safety.
  • NNK RECYCLED BRACELET: included for 2 purposes; one, to neatly hold the rubbish bags together and two, to proudly wear as a bracelet letting others know you’re a Nature Nurture Kid!
  • SIEVE: To be used to sift through sand to find small pieces of rubbish. Made from sustainable materials.
  • SPADE: The spade can be used for digging for litter and for shovelling sand into the sieve. Made from sustainable materials.
  • FISHING NET: A handheld bamboo fishing net. Perfect for fishing out floating litter in rock pools, and in the sea, off of boats, paddleboards and kayaks!
  • SCISSORS: Perfect for cutting fishing nets that get caught in rock pools and around limpets and other sea creatures. Made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • INFORMATION LEAFLET: says it all really, printed on recycled card. 

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