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Nature Nurture family

Being a mum of two ‘wildlings’ I understand the crucial role

nature plays in a child’s life.

We have always taught our children to care and respect nature, and to also have a clear understanding of both the positive and negative effects humans can have on our planet. By providing this knowledge from an early age, we hope to prepare and equip our children with the confidence, skills and empowerment to take responsibility and to actively make positive changes themselves.  


“There can be no greater legacy than giving young people the tools they need to save our planet.”
- Sir David Attenborough

The inspiration for Nature Nurture Kids comes from our daughter, Kaya.

When she was 6 she asked if she could have a nature kit for Christmas.

She told me the kit specifically needed to be to help nature.

After trawling the internet and shops I found that nothing quite ticked the box, especially when I was determined to avoid plastic single use toys.  

I realised that if I wanted to make her Christmas it was time to get creative! 

I never imagined how much fun I would have sourcing, designing and

creating her dream eco-friendly kit, and when I saw her face on Christmas

day I realised this was something to be shared.

After a year (or two!) of sustainably sourcing, intricately designing and of course considerable time spent testing on many, many adventures, we are excited to finally share our kits.

Children in nature




Nature Nurture Kids ethos is to empower children to take responsibility and action

to make their world a better place...

whilst of course having lots of fun along the way! 

If ever there was a time to nurture the Earth,

it's now. 

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