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Make a Bee Planter Stick for your wildflower Seed Bomb patch

Updated: May 18, 2022

A simple natural craft for children (young ones may need a grown ups help).

The creators at Nature Nurture Kids first designed this bee planter stick with the idea they would be placed next to our wildflower Seed Bombs, helping little ones remember where to watch their flowers grow! However since making them, we have found our little ones have been finding other fun uses like puppet shows and role play... so if your little ones can come up with some other fun ways to enjoy their bee sticks, please do share with us!

What you will need:

A pine cone

Some yellow and black wool yarn (a few different shades of yellow works well too)

2 small pebbles

2 dried leaves

1 lolly stick

White and black pens or paint

Strong glue

Step 1

Wrap the yellow wool around the pine cone, weaving it through the gaps. When you have used up all the wool, push the end into the closest gap (you may want to pop a dot a glue to keep it in place).

Step 2

Wrap the black wool around the pine cone a couple of times ending up at the back of the bee. Push the end into the closest gap at the back (you may want to pop a dot a glue to keep it in place).

Step 3

Paint or draw onto the small stones to make the eyes (we painted a white background, then drew the black centre with pen).

Step 4

Add 2 blobs of glue to the face of the pine cone, placing down the stone eyes, sticking them in place.

Step 5

Trim down the leaves for wings if they are too big.

Step 6

Add a blob of glue to the sides of the pine cone and push the leaves in gently, sticking them in place.

Step 7

Add a blob of glue to the underneath of the bee and gently push in the lolly stick, sticking it in place.

Step 6

Once dry, push the bee planter stick directly into the ground or plant pot, next to your wildflower Seed Bomb.

Step 7

Enjoy watching the flowers grow alongside your new bee friend!


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