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EARTH DAY how kids can help

Earth Day Saturday 22nd April 2023

Earth Day is an annual celebration of our planet and an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to protect the Earth for future generations. A global host of organisations, businesses and individuals will be getting involved including Nature Nurture Kids.

How can children get involved on Earth Day?

Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach and empower kids to actively help nature and the planet, if you are unsure where to start we've popped together a list of ideas to help inspire young children to take part:

Planet helping ideas:

Nature helping ideas:

1. Create a bee drinking station! Include rocks and moss for bees to land on and to prevent them from drowning. Bees are attracted to water by smell; the strong smell of moss can help bees locate the water whilst also keeping the feeder moist.

2. Keep birds topped up with nutritious nuts and seeds. During winter, food and water sources are often more scarce, so keeping bird feeders topped up can really make a difference, especially to nesting birds. Make sure to include a large bowl of fresh water (make it large enough so they can have a splash about and cool down too!).

3. Help passing and resident hedgehogs by leaving a shallow dish of fresh water out each night. Make sure you also pop out some hedgehog food, ideally just after dusk when they first start to search for food. The Autumn and Winter months are particularly important months for additional food, as this is when most hedgehogs will be trying to fatten up before they go into hibernation.

4. Provide an area for hedgehogs to nest using log piles and leaves, or even better build a hedgehog house with a ramp for easy access!

5. Offer a tired bee some sugar water, the sugar gives bees a boost of energy and the water will keep them hydrated when struggling to find a water source. Make sure you use the correct type of sugar – some sugars can cause diseases in bees.

6. Organise a local litter pick. Invite friends and family to head out to your local park, woodland, beach or around your local town or city. Clearing litter off roads and pavements will prevent it ending up in nature and the sea.

7. Plant wildflower seeds and create a haven for bees, butterfly’s, beetles and other insects. Ideally chose organic seeds and compost, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and pesticides which can be harmful to bees and other pollinators.

8. If you see a worm on concrete – move it! Find a moist sheltered area where it can easily go back into the Earth; decaying leaf piles and muddy verges are perfect!

We would love to hear how you are helping the planet and nature! Check out our NNKids in Action on our Wall of Awesomeness - if you would like to be featured you can tag us on Facebook or Instagram or email any pictures to

For more information on Earth Day or to find out what events are happening near you, head to the official Earth Day website here.


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