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How to plant a tree

We recently volunteered with Avon Needs Trees; a registered charity that create new, permanent woodland throughout the Bristol - Avon area. By fundraising to buy land, they aim to create woodlands that stand for generations, locking up carbon, boosting local biodiversity, and providing natural flood management.

We joined their family event where kids can get hands on and independently plant trees; knowing they were contributing to building a new woodland gave them a real sense of purpose and enjoyment.

When NNK Started a woodland....

Child walking in mud
Child walking in mud

First we found a spot to plant our sapling. Then got stuck in digging a hole, opening up the Earth with the spade. Once dug, we choose a sapling and placed it in the hole, stamping down the soil around the tree, to compress the roots.

We lay a mulch bag around the sapling to stop grass growing too close, using bamboo pegs and a mallet to pin it down. Finally we pushed in a supporting bamboo stick next to the sapling and wrapped a protective sleeve around them both

And so the woodland begins...

Planting a woodland
Planting Saplings


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