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DIY Bat Seed Bomb Kit

DIY Bat Seed Bomb Kit


Support the UK’s declining bat population by planting bat friendly wildflower seeds!


The Bat Seed Bomb Kit includes all the ingredients to make your own Seed Bombs, including a special selection of organic wildflower seeds, specifically chosen to benefit bats and night time pollinators. 


Not only will the Seed Bombs help bats and pollinating insects, they will also create bursts of vibrant colour and sweet scents to your garden, patio or anywhere else you fancy growing them!


This is a kit to make the Seed Bombs, invoking a fun and hands-on gardening activity for kids (and adults!) empowering them to learn, nurture and appreciate nature.


The kit comes complete in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging with biodegradable sealed bags and stickers.


Eco Party Bags

Now available to buy in bundles, making the perfect eco-friendly party bag alternative.  

  • Organic peat free compost
  • Red Clay Powder
  • Organic wildflower seed mix including: Evening Primrose, Wallflower, Borage, Cornflower, Wild Poppy, Chamomile and Corn Marigold
  • Full instructions
  • Complete in eco-friendly packaging 

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