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The Squirrel Kit

The Squirrel Kit


A nature activity and play kit offering tranquillity, solace and pleasure to children wanting to immerse themselves in nature.


The Squirrel Kit presents a gentle, therapeutic nature experience, perfect for lazy days. Children will enjoy threading their monkey nut feeders, setting them up for local wildlife and watching the squirrels & birds feast on their tasty snacks.


Thoughtfully teemed with a beautiful, soft & fluffy toy squirrel, igniting imaginations and encouraging extended play. Once the feeders have been made, the drawstring bag can be used as a sleeping bag for the squirrel toy, adding even more enjoyment as children sit patiently waiting for nature to arrive.

  • 100% recycled Soft Toy Squirrel 18cm


  • Aflaxtoxin tested Monkey Nuts (peanuts in shell)
  • Recycled cotton drawstring bag
  • Natural thread
  • Blunt metal threading needle
  • 100% wool felt pad
  • Instructions and safety information
  • Presented in gift box

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