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DIY Veggie Bomb Kit

DIY Veggie Bomb Kit


Grow your own organic veggies!


With this DIY Veggie Bomb Kit, children will have the opportunity to learn how different vegetables grow, enjoy the benefits of eating them and get messy during the process!


Our specially chosen organic vegetable seeds are hardy and quick to grow, making them the perfect introduction for young children. The Veggie Bombs can be placed in pots and vegetable gardens to be harvested and eaten OR thrown in a sunny area and left to grow alone, providing food for wild animals and insects.


  • Quick to grow – so your kids don’t have to wait too long to enjoy their hard work.
  • Can be grown in the cooler months and indoors – so you are not limited to spring and summer.
  • Organic – no nasty residual chemicals or insecticides to protect your children and nature.
  • Protected – the seeds are protected in the clay and soil to avoid drying out or being eaten by animals.


Not just for kids, these kits make great gifts for green fingered adults too!


Our DIY Veggie Bomb Kit comes complete in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging with biodegradable sealed bags and stickers.


Eco Party Bags

Now available to buy in bundles, making the perfect eco-friendly party bag alternative.  

  • Organic peat free compost
  • Red Clay Powder
  • Organic Boltardy Beetroot seeds
  • Organic Rudi Radish seeds
  • Organic Dwarf French Bean seeds
  • Full instructions
  • Complete in eco-friendly packaging 

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